Bristol Spa

Bristol Spa

Bristol pool and spa area

Dive into the 18m long, 8m wide pool, bask in the 29°C warm water under a panoramic roof, and relish personalised detox waters at the pool bar. 

In our saunas, unwind amidst cosy warmth, escaping the hustle of Berlin's city life. Rejuvenate, boost your circulation, and fortify your immune system.     

An overview of our sauna

  • Finnish Sauna - Temperature: approx. 85°C. Special Features: Wood paneling, stone oven, free scents     
  • Steam Sauna - Temperature: approx. 45°C. Special Features: Marble tile cladding, free scents
  • Infrared Cabin - Temperature: individually adjustable 40-60°C
  • Special Features: Wood paneling, seven coloured lights, adjustable individually or in sequence     

Opening hours

  • Pool: Daily from 08:00 - 20:00 
  • Spa: Daily from 12:00 - 20:00